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It is produced with natural raw materials such as linseed oil, tree resins, wood powders, limestone powders, colored pigments, cork, cork powders and calendered on a jute support. It is an ecological product, completely biodegradable, antistatic by nature and resistant to rubbing, cigarette fire and is stable to fats and oils. It is used in offices and environments with light or medium traffic.


Product based on polyvinyl chloride combined with plasticizers, stabilizers, inert fillers and colored pigments. Used mainly in offices with medium traffic, it has good resistance to acids and is easy to clean. It can be antistatic or conductive.


This floor is made up of two layers of natural and synthetic rubber, mineral fillers and colored pigments. Ideal for high traffic floors and where good hygienic characteristics are required, easy to maintain and long lasting.


It consists of synthetic fibers of different diameters compacted by continuous needling and coupled with a supporting base layer. The peculiar characteristic of the carpet is undoubtedly its sound absorption, which is of particular importance for application on raised floors. On the other hand, the difficulty of cleaning and the duration over time limit the fields of use. The recommended types are needle punched as they are more "technical" than bouclé or similar. In this context, the self-laying solution represents an advantageous possibility for a restoration over time.