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Premium 3 Champagne Glass set Box of 6

Premium 3 Champagne Glass set Box of 6

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Premium is a timeless collection created with the exclusive collaboration of AIS, the Italian Association of Sommeliers. Each glass is created with a specific shape and design to compliment each type of wine and beverage.

This glass, which has a capacity of 25 cl (8 1/2 oz), is ideal for serving "bubbles", such as sparkling wines and Champagne, as it enhances their perlage and aromatic and gustatory qualities.

The stem of the glass, produced in one piece with the cup, is obtained through a particular hot pulling process of the stem. A very uniform and linear rim is achieved by using a laser beam (rim cutting). This technology improves the quality of the products and are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals and high-quality of wine tasting.

  • Champagne Glass 
  • Box Of 6
  • Glass
  • 26cl