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BeefEater 1100E Series ODK KITCHEN

BeefEater 1100E Series ODK KITCHEN

Code: 5350049082297

€ 3420.00

Now this is the great outdoors! This is BeefEater’s ultimate outdoor kitchen and it’s purpose built for those times you really do need everything, including the kitchen sink. This beauty features a 4 burner barbecue and four cabinets made from quality porcelain enamel steel. The possibilities are endless with the new BeefEater Discovery 1100 Series Outdoor Kitchens.


Module = 50 x 50 cm

BBQ = 85 x 50 cm

Sink unit 77012

Drawer unit 77022

Cupboard unit 77032

Side burner unit 77042

Shelf kit 77140

4 burner bbq 16242