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Bartender Novecento Dof Glass Set

Bartender Novecento Dof Glass Set

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This glass is part of the Novecento collection, which includes a wide range of barware and stemware with a vintage design. Following the current cocktail trend this comprehensive new collection allows for the preparation and serving of the most updated cocktails.

This D.O.F. model has a capacity of 37 cl; it is perfect for serving cocktails with high alcohol content and intense flavor served "on the rocks", such as the Americano or the Negroni.

The lower part of the glass is decorated with a precious notch with dense geometric decorations that recalls the early twentieth century, and adds a pleasantly retro note to the service.

The glass is stackable.

  • Glassware 
  • 37cl
  • Bartender Novecento Dof
  • Box of 6