In 2001 JISO is born Iluminación in Chiva, municipality near Valencia. In its beginnings we were dedicated to the manufacture of indoor recessed luminaires. Over the years we have been adapting our products to the new demands of the market; And at present we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of indoor and outdoor luminaires for different spaces such as homes, commercial premises, businesses, public spaces, ... Our philosophy is to work daily to offer a design product, current and innovative in our more technical collections such as Project or Architectural that offers built-in LED products. As well as our most handcrafted finishes, which distinguishes us in our Contract design collection. To achieve this, we have surrounded ourselves with a great team of workers and we collaborate as designers, lighting technicians, decorators, ... whose experiences and work allow us to offer a quality product. The JISO facilities include our offices, warehouse and production center; In addition to a showroom where our customers can see and check any characteristic, technical or aesthetic detail of our products. We have a commercial network with presence throughout the national territory and much of the international market.

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