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Bartender Gin Cocktail Glass Set Box of 6

Bartender Gin Cocktail Glass Set Box of 6

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The gin cocktail glass is part of a series of items made with a particular and advanced technology, which makes it possible to create high quality goblets, with elegant and refined shapes.
The glass is made of Star Glass, characterized by an exceptional transparency and brilliance; the stem of the glass is subjected to a particular XLT process which makes it extremely resistant, and the use of the laser beam in the cutting phase of the edge makes it linear and homogeneous. These features responds specifically to the needs of professional tasting.
The gin cocktail glass is very large and can therefore contain ice and other ingredients: the wide mouth maximizes the possibilities for decorating cocktails.

  • Glassware 
  • 75.5cl
  • Gin Cocktail 
  • Box of 6